By now most bar and nightclub owners and managers have tasted, or at least heard of, bag-in-box (BIB) energy drinks. So why are you still using cans? Think about it- space, waste, tabbing cans, pilferage, the mess, and of course the cost. Or maybe it's because you tasted some fly-by-night cheap trashing BIB product and had to go back to cans because of complaints.

Produced by one of the nations, largest producer/distributors of fountain syrups- in business since 1941- Banzai gives you the ability to pour a premium energy drink with the convenience of a fountain BIB at half the cost per serving as the leading 8.3 oz. can! And with Banzai you don't have to worry about passing-off a disgusting alternative because of Banzai's proven acceptance. In addition, Banzai pumps additional rings through your register like no others with three varieties- Original, Sugar-Free Original, and Banzai-Blue, a blue raspberry flavored energy drink. Plus Banzai is the only BIB energy drink that supplies you with eye-popping clothing, signage, and other promo items to help you declare your choice- Banzai!

Use the savings calculator link to calculate your savings or just follow the contact link for free samples or more information. Banzai!