In 2002 a couple of savvy fountain syrup guys in the Chicago area decided to develop a bag-in-box (BIB) alternative energy drink that bars and nightclubs could dispense from a bar gun. From the beginning it was decided that their energy drink would be a premium alternative formulated to include the classic energy drink taste, color, and fragrance but without the nasty after-taste that the leading canned product was plagued with. They eventually locked in a formula and decided to name the soon-to-be hit Banzai. With the new name and hot label, they created a sheik energy image that is unmatched by any brand- can or BIB! Before long owners urged them to develop national distribution and then a 16oz. can package for energy enthusiasts on the go. The next logical development was BIB variations- in 2005 Sugar-Free Banzai was introduced and in 2007 Banzai-Blue, a blue-raspberry flavored energy drink was added. In 2006 the Hershey's Ice Cream Company proposed a co-branding deal with Banzai and began production of Banzai Energy Ice- a push-up energy frozen novelty."

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